The First Edition of Bret Hedican Pictures

This page is in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM connected to Bret Hedican himself, other than being, quite possibly, his biggest fan in the Midwestern United States, other than his own family, of course.

These are pictures of Bret when he was with Team USA in 1992.

These two pictures are of Bret in the new Canucks jerseys. The first pic is from the premiere of the jerseys (Bret is the third guy from the right), and the second one I got off of my friend Jen's page. In fact, I got a couple of pics on this page from her page, altough one of them she did send me a copy a couple of years ago.

The first pic is out of the Canucks planner, and the second pic is the picture that Jen sent me.

These two are game shots of Bret.

These two are game shots of Bret.

The first two are game shots of Bret, and the third is a card of his.

These are two really good game shots of Bret.

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